EeZeClean Dry Erase Paint can be used in your restaurant, store front, warehouse or virtually any building.

EeZeClean your cafeteria or restaurant – Transform walls into menus banners, list daily/weekly specials, offers or sales.

EeZeClean your store front – Convert your store front wall into a communications center for customer service, special offers and sales.

EeZeClean your warehouse walls, racking, floors – Help manage and organize inventory into areas defined on the white erase wall, racking and floors. Inform your staff of important inventory specific details and process flows.

Easily turn walls into writable canvases to convey thoughts and ideas quickly and effectively. With EeZeClean Dry Erase whiteboard paint the possibilities are limitless!

Can I apply EeZeClean Dry Erase Paint over a wall coated with regular latex paint?
Imagine taking a whiteboard and stretching it from corner to corner and ceiling to floor in your office, conference room, class room, hallway or communal work area and then placing dry erase pens so everyone could collaborate, communicate, create, demonstrate, educate and illustrate. EeZeClean Dry Erase Paint turns any smooth wall into a communications tool that can stretch from corner to corner, ceiling to floor, go room to room, floor to floor and benefit your organization with concepts, goals, team work and solutions. EeZeClean Dry Erase Paint can be applied directly over cured quality acrylic latex emulsion wall paints.
Can we continue to work in our offices when EeZeClean Dry Erase Paint is being applied to our office walls?
During application all paints and coatings have odors. The odor of EeZeClean Dry Erase is similar to that of disinfectants that you would find being used in health care facilities. The disinfectant odor will diminish over the first hour or so of application and when the EeZeClean Dry Erase paint is cured, it will have no odor. EeZeClean Dry Erase Paint is frequently applied in busy offices and recently in a large architecture and planning office the conference room dry erase wall application was completed at 10:00 AM in the morning and the architecture staff was back meeting in the conference room at 1:00 PM that afternoon. Did they smell the disinfectant odor of EeZeClean? Yes, but according to the architecture firm the odor was very light and did not bother anyone.

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EeZeClean 1 Quart Kits theoretically cover 100 square feet. Smoothness of the wall, application equipment and applicator’s skill impact actual square foot coverage.

EeZeClean 1 Gallon Kits theoretically cover 400 square feet. Smoothness of the wall, application equipment and applicator’s skill impact actual square foot coverage.