Helping your business share and communicate more effectively, EeZeClean creates new environments for your team to explore, plan and collaborate.

With EeZeClean Clear Dry Erase Paint your whiteboard surface is functional and fits your office’s current décor. Clear, White or Metallic Whiteboard paint provides more flexibility than traditional dry erase or white boards. EeZeClean gives you the ability to convert most areas in your office into an almost limitless dry erase canvas, giving you the area you need to fully explore and collaborate.

EeZeClean dry-erase coating is professionally applied with roller or spray on to virtually any interior or exterior surface and allows you to coat walls, doors, table tops or any other flat smooth surface. Pick a wall or the full room to enhance your office with a distinct canvas for planning, problem solving and conceptualizing.

EeZeClean provides the ability to transform any surface into a writeable and erasable area and is perfect for collaboration and idea sharing in the office while saving on Post it Tablets and other paper products. EeZeClean provides the flexibility to do more and communicate better.
Here are some ways you can use EeZeClean:

EeZeClean in your office – Replace your paper pads for a new way to scribble notes and ideas, right on your desk top or filing cabinets.

EeZeClean throughout your office – Transform doors and unused office walls into your very own canvas for daily reminders, brain storming sessions and office communications.

EeZeClean your conference room – Design a 360 degree whiteboard for limitless collaboration. Clear coat the conference table top as well!

EeZeClean your entire facility – Revolutionize your entire building by coating hallways and even cubicle walls!! Allow employees in open spaces to work together more effectively in a more engaging way. Create new purpose to under-utilized spaces with EeZeClean and build exciting new stages for employee communication.

EeZeClean your break room or cafeteria – Share company events, important dates and charts. In your cafeteria create menus on the wall or announce daily specials and cafeteria news.

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Can I apply EeZeClean Dry Erase Paint over a wall coated with regular latex paint?
Imagine taking a whiteboard and stretching it from corner to corner and ceiling to floor in your office, conference room, class room, hallway or communal work area and then placing dry erase pens so everyone could collaborate, communicate, create, demonstrate, educate and illustrate. EeZeClean Dry Erase Paint turns any smooth wall into a communications tool that can stretch from corner to corner, ceiling to floor, go room to room, floor to floor and benefit your organization with concepts, goals, team work and solutions. EeZeClean Dry Erase Paint can be applied directly over cured quality acrylic latex emulsion wall paints.
Can EeZeClean Dry Erase Paint be safely installed in occupied buildings?
EeZeClean Dry Erase Paint unlike most dry erase paints is based on a poly-silane resin system. Poly-silane resins are much safer to use than traditional two component water borne and solvent borne polyurethanes for dry erase wall paint. Precision Coatings, the manufacturer of EeZeClean Dry Erase Paint specifically chose the poly-silane resin system for application safety in occupied structures. Two component polyurethanes contain dangerous isocyanates in both water-borne and solvent-borne formulas. Polyurethane dry erase paints that contain isocyanates should not be applied in occupied buildings and applicators are required to take safety precautions including the use of air supplied respirators or air monitoring for isocyanates.
What does low VOC mean and how does it relate to the application of EeZeClean Dry Erase Paint?
VOC stands for “Volatile Organic Compounds” and usually refers to solvents in the paint. VOCs in paint are regulated by the federal government, state governments and local governments. EeZeClean Dry Erase Paint is a low VOC coating with less than 3 grams per liter VOC as packaged and less than 96 grams per liter when reacted during application process. EeZeClean Dry Erase Paint meets regulations for coatings requiring less than 100 grams per liter for field application.
How does LEED compliant apply to the application of EeZeClean Dry Erase Paint to my walls?
LEED is a set of standards created by the Green Building Council meaning Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design. LEED is used by architects, specifiers, designers and builders as a set of green building standards. EeZeClean Dry Erase Paint is compliant with the LEED standards and can be used in LEED certified structures.

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EeZeClean 1 Quart Kits theoretically cover 100 square feet. Smoothness of the wall, application equipment and applicator’s skill impact actual square foot coverage.

EeZeClean 1 Gallon Kits theoretically cover 400 square feet. Smoothness of the wall, application equipment and applicator’s skill impact actual square foot coverage.